Shaolei Teng, Ph. D. (PI)

Dr. Shaolei Teng is an Associate Professor of the Department of Biology at Howard University. He received his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Clemson University, SC, and completed his postdoctoral training in Bioinformatics and Genomics at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY. Dr. Teng’s research interests are to develop and apply bioinformatics approaches for analyzing the genetic variations associated with human diseases and discovering biological knowledge hidden in the massive data sets. His group at Howard University is currently focused on three research areas including machine learning, next-generation sequencing and protein structure modeling. Dr. Teng has published more than twenty papers in the peer-reviewed journals such as Molecular Psychiatry, BMC Genomics, Amino Acids and Biophysical Journal.

Meet the Team

Dr. Adebiyi Sobitan

Post Doctoral Researcher
Previous Graduate Student

Vidhyanand Mahase

PhD Student

Ted Edwards

PhD Student

Dr. Raina Rhoades

Previous Graduate Student

Undergraduate Students

Farion Cooper II. (Rhodes Scholarship Finalist)         

Stephanie Buggs    

Christina V Johnson

Nina Brown                                     

Sagar Raju   

Kaelyn Gordon*                             

Daniel Davis                                                

Jayla Allums*

Georgia Simpson*                                                 

Naomi A Rankin*                          

Raad Khan                           

Madison Witcher                          

Candace Williams*

Stacy Polanco                                                                     

Whitley Hatton*                            

Andrew Castro*

Kanicia Green*                                                       

Ebony Montgomery                                  

Amoge Ezike

Abhishek Tippabhatla                                                                              

Elasha Colby

Kymberlee Hill*                                                     

Ashley McKoy*                              

Ryan Drew*

Amber Childs-Santos*                                          

Lindelwa Mamba*                        

Rekhia Bernard

* Institutional Research Program at Howard University (IREPHU) Mentees